Criollo Horse:

“Criollo horse” is called a horse breed that is distributed throughout South America , Central America and North America . In the countries of the continent has been developing in different ways and especially in Peru. The “Criollo horse” is the feature breed of the Andes of Peru and each year there are more people who owns them, use them for hard farm work, or enjoy their leisure time.


The “Criollo horse” is considered a hard resistance horse, famous for the marches of resistance that are held in Argentina and Uruguay, is a horse for work in any field, is used as a riding horse, of pleasure, is a very versatile horse. A great companion to our crossings.

His character is friendly and always ready to listen his rider, sometimes is quite territorial because remember “this breed grows up in nature”. He is Pretty energetic and friendly with humans, specially with kids.


The “Criollo Horse” is descended from Iberian horse brought by the Spaniards to America. A genetic compound derived from the Berber horse from North Africa, Horses from the  Guadalquivir valley in Andalusia and others who were grouped in the “working horses”.  Back in south America, some of them escaped the plantations and religious missions or were stolen by the natives. In the field formed large troops and exposed to a wild environment, natural selection and inbreeding, set their own genetic characteristics. It should be noted that these genetic lines are totally or virtually extinct in Spain and Portugal today.

Only the strongest will to survive and reproduce, learning to defend against hazards such as mountain lions (Pumas) and other predators also enduring extreme climates.

The incredibly adaptable to the “invader monster, “Aboriginal peoples learned to adapt to their way of life and achieved a symbiotic relationship with the Criollo horse, so much so that at present continues to expand the study of the “Indian dressage”.