Vieja Estancia

“Vieja Estancia” was born on the initiative of Holger and his father Lucho who are breeders of horses in the city of Cusco.

Holger holds a degree in Management and Tourism by the National University of San Antonio Abad del Cusco, and his father Lucho is teacher of History and Geography in a secondary school in the city of Cusco.

Both are horse’s Lovers, having an experience of more than 20 years about the care and training of horses.

Together they decided to offer new experiences to our visitors, offering Horseback Riding tours in Cusco – Perú. In those tours  that they designed  you can learn and interact about important Natural and Cultural attractions of the Inca culture which are detailed on this web site.

Our services are always given by a  personalized way, we always look for every detail for our visitors, that is why “Horseback Riding Cusco” operates their  services like a  “Private  Service” to ensure a memorable experience during your stay with us.

Come with us and discover the Cusco Region with “Vieja Estancia”.

Atte. Holger Jauja Acero
Horseback Riding Cusco – Manager